Intimidating looking cars

Posted by / 22-Sep-2017 21:00

So maybe the stickers like '' Granny on board'' have to be used to inspire politeness in the drivers and increase the civility on the roads?

Aside from dealerships, you can find great deals on used cars at local public auctions and on used car websites.

Do you have any used car buying tips to add to the list?

If you want fellow drivers to offer courtesy in heavy traffic and letting you go first, you'd better not drive a fancy SUV, a flashy sports car or an executive saloon. Surprisingly, but accor Surprisingly, but according to the recent studies most drivers are much more likely to give way to the owners of not so intimidating cars, preferably classic or placid-looking cars.

Before you go to the dealer and start looking at cars, make a list of the car models you’re targeting.

Once you have your list, do research on each car model to find out common defects, repair costs and price points when they begin to age.

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Each source has its merits: A little common sense can go a long way when purchasing a used car. Car salesmen have been known to employ dubious techniques, such as using air fresheners to mask strange odors, applying high-pressure sales tactics and tampering with odometers.