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Sporepedia not updating

And so over at Machinima.com, you’ll find “Broken Obama” a short film that lampoons Obama’s use of teleprompters created using graphics from the online world “Second Life.” Meanwhile, you can’t surf the Web these days without tripping over an election-themed mini-game.

“Commander n’ Chief,” for example, asks players to vote on a candidate by selecting which one they want to take into armed combat against gun-wielding bad-guys.

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(Obama, with more than 7 million “votes,” is winning 63 percent to Mc Cain’s 37 percent.) And then there's “Rock the Quote,” a game that puts players’ knowledge of the candidates to the test by asking them to correctly identify which would-be world leaders said certain phrases.

Mc Cauley also believes that the fascinating figures cut by both Obama and Palin have helped fuel this onslaught of gaming commentary.

No escape for escapists “We haven't really had a reason to get too excited for an election until now,” Altano says.

“You probably noticed, but the last two of them were pretty abysmal.

When the epic life-simulation game “Spore” first made its way onto home computers this year, players promptly got busy using the game’s Creature Creator to design a startling variety of anatomically explicit beings from another world.

“I think it’s a real validation of gaming,” Mc Cauley says of the in-game adverts.

“It sort of legitimizes gaming as a mainstream entertainment.” But not all game fans are so pleased to see video games getting chummy with politics.

“Why can't we just play games to play games anymore?

It's bad enough to constantly hear politics on the news, but now advertising in video games?

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” complained Smartgurl, in a post at gaming web site In a recent article titled “What Can Games Teach Us About the Election?