Appropriate age difference for dating formula

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Now this kid who can't even communicate that he has to go to the bathroom until he's shit his pants, has this huge emotional trauma to deal with.

Last week, prosecutors tried Latson on a breaking-and-entering charge related to an incident in 2009.

In that case, prosecutors said, Latson rang the doorbell at a teenager's home.

When the teen opened the door, Latson hit him and followed him inside. On Thursday, he was found guilty of breaking and entering.

The rest of the articles I've found are terrifying, like the story of Trudy Steurnagel, who was beaten to death by her autistic son. They're basing this hope on my sister-in-law coming out of her shell to a degree, but she only has Aspberger's and not full-blown autism.

On top of that, in the eight years I've known him I've only ever seen him get worse.

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"It has been a huge and significant part of our conversation in the last couple of years," said John Firman, director of research for the organization.

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